"Demanding solutions are our challenges."


Developer team Anima Technika was founded by Róbert Schochmannin 2008 at the Slovak Technical University.

The original objective of the group was the development of a small unmanned aircraft. However the prerequisite was to develop this technology only with the use of own software and hardware solutions.

Although the development of the “wheel discovered long time ago” cost us a lot of time and accidents, we are now in a position of having an intimate knowledge surrounding the UAV issues.

The community of active developers in the area of robotics/avionics has been growing every year.

At various competitions and conferences the AT team is every year maintaining a leading position in Slovakia as well as abroad and regularly finishing on the winner’s podium.

With the benefit of our knowledge base accumulated over a number of years we have identified strong weaknesses in solutions available on the global market.

UAV technologies used today are often defective and obsolete.

At the Anima Technika laboratory we work hard every day developing new and innovative technologies for the UAV global market.

It is our pleasure to offer you a combination of the best materials and technologies used in our unique and uncompromising products.


"Where progress is concerned, we make no compromises."


- Anima Technika s.r.o. is a non-conventional company with its core comprising a team of young and talented people.

- Our laboratories are places where we combine in a playful way Intelligence, Fantasy and Creativity.

- Syndrome of fanaticism, determination and intelligence are the common traits of the AT ream.

- We are one of 250 certified scientific research organisations in Slovakia.

- In 2013 we received an award from organisation JCI for the best student entrepreneurial personality in Slovakia.


  • To this date we acquired UAV-related skills in the following areas:
  • Measuring and control
  • Sensor systems
  • Signal processing and filtering
  • Fusion of information originating from sensors
  • Control and stabilisation algorithms
  • Action member systems
  • Computer graphic visualisation is - OpenGL


  • Telemetry
  • Real time criterion
  • Two-way system data transmission
  • Video transmission with low latency and high resolution
  • Encrypted communication systems
  • Network technologies
  • Fail-safe systems


  • Hardware
  • Design and manufacturing of embedded systems
  • Single-chip microprocessor execution
  • Embedded Linux systems
  • Electronic systems design
  • Design and manufacturing of circuit boards


  • Construction
  • 3D CAD designs
  • Preparation for CAM machining
  • Prototype CNC machining


  • Avionics
  • Avionics calculations
  • Physical simulations
  • Construction designs of flying machines 
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